Hold On a Minute! You Mean We Shouldn’t Take Money From Just ANYONE?!?

anti geogroup protest

From SB Nation (2/21/13)

Florida Atlantic University has come under fire for accepting a massive donation from private prison administration company the GEO Group in exchange for naming rights at the Owls’ new football stadium. The GEO Group agreed to donate $6 million to FAU Athletics over 12 years in exchange for the right to name the facility. The company, like Florida Atlantic, is based in South Florida, and CEO George Zoley is an alumnus of FAU and former chairman of the school’s Board of Trustees.

The controversy centers around the GEO Group’s primary business: owning and operating prisons in North America, Australia, Europe and South Africa.

Recently, the GEO Group has been criticized for its ownership and operation of the Broward Transitional Center, a 700-bed pseudo-prison in Boca Raton where undocumented immigrants charged with minor offenses are jailed for weeks or months. A report by Megan O’Matz of the Sun Sentinel detailed allegations of botched post-surgery care, inmate suicide attempts, volunteer labor that pays $1 per day and neglected psychiatric treatment, plus for-profit GEO’s appeals to the federal government against immigration law relaxation.

(Read the entire article.)



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