And That’s the Problem with Secret Societies: They Just Can’t Seem to Stay Secret!

aleistercrowleyFrom The Washington Post (3/14/13):

The anonymous blogger discovered the secret society’s [the Second Stewards Society] internal e-mails and gleefully published the most amusing material: members deliberating over which ties to wear (Brooks Brothers, of course) and another insider venting about the “extremely left-wing tilt” of the Georgetown University campus tour.

The blogger’s bombshell: The top candidate for student government president was a secret-society member. Published online just days before the election late last month, the exposé sent the campus into an uproar. Web traffic at the Hoya, the student newspaper, surged from an average of 2,500 daily page views to a record 32,000 that day. And the candidate linked to the secret society, Jack Appelbaum, was narrowly defeated.

(Read the entire article.)

It’s a fact of life: Once any concept makes its way to The Simpsons, how seriously can anyone take it?


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