After Much Thought & Prayer, Ms. Smithers Wants Her Old Job Back

401cultureoffearFrom the Tucson Sentinel (3/19/13):

With her school under fire from an accrediting body over management issues and a “culture of fear,” the interim chancellor of Pima Community College announced Tuesday that she’s stepping down. Suzanne Miles said she will remain in her post as president of the Community Campus.

Miles, in office since the resignation last year of Chancellor Roy Flores, had planned to step down as head of PCC in June. Instead, she will leave the post on April 12, she said in an email to college employees.

PCC has been searching for a new permanent leader since Flores resigned himself — a process mired in missteps. A consultant vetting candidates missed a California over-billing scandal that implicated one of two finalists announced in January.

(Read the entire article, including Miles’ resignation letter.)

So . . . let’s see if we have this right: PCC doesn’t want her to be even the interim chancellor any longer than necessary but still says “yea verily” to her being a president there? The rank and file suffering under the “culture of fear” must be just LOVING that right now!

Bret Linden, a frequent commenter at the Tucson Sentinel, had this to say last year about Miles in the comments section in an article detailing a consultant who sent Pima Community College employees lewd emails and was paid more than $300,000 for unbid work:

I was employed at Pima College for a little over four years. I’ve seen it from the inside, and it’s ugly. I know how the place works. I can tell you with certainty that Miles taking over for Flores is akin to Waylon Smithers taking over the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

It always comes back to The Simpsons in the end, doesn’t it?


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