It’s the Little Train (Wreck) that Could(n’t Stop): Pima Community College

train wreckFrom the Arizona Daily Star (3/21/13):

Members of Pima Community College‘s Governing Board faced calls for resignation and an emotional exchange with a sexual harassment complainant at their first public meeting since an investigation found widespread dysfunction in the school’s upper echelons.

At least five of the eight women who have said they were sexually harassed by former PCC Chancellor Roy Flores looked on Wednesday night as former college employee Jacquelyn Jackson publicly identified herself as one of the eight and confronted former board Chairman Scott Stewart.

Stewart acknowledged at the meeting that he initially disbelieved the women’s claims.

(Read the entire article. Read article comments.)

It’s well worth reading the whole article (and comments) and the link above because then you’ll be left saying:


(I mean, really, Can we all stand up and shout “AGOG!” at the same time?!?)

Now that Pima Community College is on The Ivory Tower‘s radar, we’ll be paying close attention to see how all this plays out.


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