Leave the Children at Home: Pima Community College Faculty Senate Prepares to Burn Governing Board at the Stake

burn3From the Tucson Sentinel (3/28/13)

Embattled Pima Community College is looking for two chief executives at the same time. PCC is looking for a (very) interim head to replace interim Chancellor Suzanne Miles, who’s stepping down from that post. The college is also looking for a permanent leader, whom PCC officials hope to have in place by July 1.

The interim position may be filled as early as Monday.

Meanwhile, instructor and staff dissatisfaction with the college’s administration has reached a boiling point.

The PCC Governing Board is slated to interview and discuss candidates for the interim position in an executive session Friday at the board’s second special meeting of the week.

(Read the entire article including draft resolution from PCC Faculty Senate.)

Wow. Who in God’s name would want to be an interim chancellor at PCC for two whole months right now with everything really starting to heat up and/or melt down out there? Oh well, they’ll find some poor soul. It brings back fond memories of Vincent Price’s classic role as Witchfinder General (aka The Conqueror Worm):




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