And That’s the Way the Pima Community College Juggernaut Rolls: Mea Culpas, Calls for Resignations, HLC Response, Oh My!

juggernautFrom the Tucson Sentinel (3/29/13):

Pima Community College officials responded Friday to an accrediting body’s recommendation that the school be placed on probation, acknowledging “serious breaches of integrity” and outlining a plan to improve the school’s administration in an attempt to stave off an Higher Learning Commission vote to sanction PCC.

In a speedy afternoon meeting, the Faculty Senate voted to call upon nearly the entire PCC Governing Board to resign. A faculty representative read the resolution to the Board at a meeting that followed soon after. The college’s Staff Council also called upon four of the five members of the Board to step down.

(Read the entire article including PCC response to HLC.)

Oh my indeed! Things are really starting to heat up out in the Arizona desert.

Although The Ivory Tower home office is usually shuttered on the weekends we’ll try to have a recap of all the pertinent details up by tomorrow afternoon.



One comment

  1. George Reamy

    What saddens me about this story is that things have to get sooooo bad at an institution of higher education, no matter which one or where, before those in charge even begin to be held accountable. How many lives have been ruined by these people? How many millions of dollars have been thrown away?

    Heck, a couple of years ago at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, an important medical school here in Texas, former President Kern Wildenthal got caught taking no less than 20 trips to Europe and exotic spots like New Zealand. Auditors could find no legitimate reason for the travel in many cases. Who had to leave the university? Not Wildenthal! Officially “stepping down,” he stepped straight into a UTSW sinecure, a tenured faculty position, worth hundreds of thousands. You betcha. A former president and later a former “special assistant” to the president was going to turn and burn as a real-live faculty member. Sure. Right. Who did lose his job? Oh, a couple of auditors were forced to retire.

    Oh, and by the way, a reporter broke news about spending irregularities while Wildenthal was still president of UTSW a year or two before the travel scandal broke. Who lost his job? The reporter.

    PCC is symptomatic of the utter lack of accountability in higher ed. I hope they clean house out there.

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