And Now For Something Completely Different: Cabals Battle to Control Pima Community College’s Fate

kangarooFrom the Southern Arizona News-Examiner:

Responsibility for the recent turmoil at Pima Community College involving the behavior of retired former Chancellor Roy Flores and the PCC Board of Governors is nowhere as obvious as the local media would have us believe. . . .

That Flores behavior was abominable is obvious but it hardly reached the level of the Bataan Death March. None of you are exactly Rosa Parks – or Martha McSally.

But that all ducks the REAL issue – the admission changes. There has been a concentrated effort to repeal that attempt to make PCC a little more like a real college instead of a social program from the beginning. Nobody would’ve cared about the other relatively Mickey Mouse stuff except for that one. And please note that it was at the top of the list of transgressions from the Commission’s investigators.

(Read the entire article.)

We’re not sure it’s a compelling argument–trivial sexual harassment charges (and other “Mickey Mouse stuff”) being a cover to force relaxed admissions standards at PCC–but, like most conspiracy theories, it has a certain appeal to those who always yearn for a story behind the story.



One comment

  1. George Reamy

    Wow! This hardcore Republican managed to hit several GOPer talking points in one opinion piece:

    1. Sexual harassment vs. legitimate sexual harassment. (I wonder if his litigious wife has the same employer she sued for sexual harassment. Somehow I doubt it.)
    2. It’s OK to cover up for the BMOC, particularly when flaunting his LMOC.
    3. Obama is the Great Satan.
    4. States rights or local control trumps those damn northerners AND their regulating institutions.
    5. The media is evil.
    6. Appointed authority is good for us no matter how bad.
    7. We must allow public education institutions to disintegrate for the good of the institutions and their students.

    I love this guy!

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