You Gonna Squirt Some, Little Girl? This is How We Play Basketball at Rutgers

santiniFrom Inside Higher Ed (4/3/13):

Video obtained by ESPN shows the Rutgers University men’s basketball coach, Mike Rice, kicking and grabbing athletes, hurling balls at their heads, and using multiple anti-gay slurs, of which “faggot” is but one.

The video offers some explanation for why Rice was suspended for three games and fined $50,000 in December (a move for which the university never offered a detailed explanation), but has raised questions about why he was not fired.

(Read the entire article.)


Watch the ESPN report:


And, lest we forget, as The Great Santini taught us, there’s absolutely no difference between being mean and being strong:





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    • The Ivory Tower

      Well, we’re not sure it’s as bad as the Sandusky case–at least there were no children involved–but the degree to which the school knew what was going on and did nothing until after the ESPN report is still astounding. Perhaps it’s just a skosh cynical of us but, at the end of December 2012 the Rutgers men’s basketball team had a record of 10-2. However, by the end of the season, they finished with a 15-16 record and did not go to the NCAA tournament. One just might suppose that back when the team was doing better, the school’s administration didn’t want to rock the boat for a team that looked to be doing well as far as the win-loss record went.

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