Open Mouth, Insert Foot, Chew a While: Johns Hopkins on the Hot Seat about Commencement Speaker


From The Washington Post (4/5/13):

A top official at Johns Hopkins University issued a statement Friday labeling Ben Carson’s comments about gay marriage “offensive” and said the school will meet with students who want him removed as commencement speaker.

Carson, meanwhile, offered a fuller apology for the comments, which compared gay marriage to bestiality and pedophilia.

Dr. Paul Rothman, the dean of medical faculty at Johns Hopkins University, said in a statement that Carson’s words were offensive but emphasized the school’s belief in free speech as well.

(Read the entire article.)

You know, the reality is, whether you’re for or against gay marriage, it’s already happening and it’s going to keep happening. So right now or even twenty years from now, being against gay marriage is like still being for slavery: You’re not proving any kind of point other than you’re an idiot.

That is all. Please carry on.

Oh, and here’s the video of Ben Carson on Sean Hannity‘s show:




One comment

  1. rubberneckingaround

    But wait! A book out there says it’s OK to hate gays. Of course, it also says burning sacrificial bulls make a pleasing smell, it’s OK to kill your son if God says so, genocide is OK if the victims are Canaanites, and two of each species on earth can fit on one wooden boat. (A couple of gay guys must have been on there!) Already society is turning its back on that book’s message that women are inferior and should be subservient to men. Are you telling me to turn loose of this last vestige of “faith”? Sodom and Gomorrah! You, my faithless friend, are in danger of becoming a pillar of salt. You’d better hope it doesn’t rain, particularly for 40 days and 40 nights. You’ll melt for sure.

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