Really? You’re Saying that We SHOULDN’T Shoot the Messenger? Eric Murdock Sues Rutgers for Wrongful Termination

donald-trump-youre-firedFrom (4/9/13):

Former basketball assistant Eric Murdock has filed a wrongful termination suit against Rutgers University amid the fallout following the disclosure of head coach Mike Rice’s abusive behavior toward the players. 

Murdock, a former NBA player, worked for Rutgers as director of player development for men’s basketball from 2010 to 2012.

He says that he initially met with university officials to bring up Rice’s behavior last summer; however, no action was taken against the coach, while Murdock lost his job. After using Freedom of Information Act requests to acquire video footage of the team’s practices, he compiled a reel of Rice hurling balls at players, shoving them around the court and peppering them with profane, homophobic slurs. Murdock showed the video to the university last fall, at which point Rice was fined and suspended for three games.

(Read the entire article.)

Sadly, this article points out a fact common to many organizations: the person who reports bad behavior is often punished much more greatly than the person being reported. Brian Martin’s essay “Scientific fraud and the power structure of science,” written in the early ’90s, shows how this happens over and over again in academic research and, unfortunately, what he had to say twenty years ago is still just as relevant today.



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