Reality Becomes the Metaphor: Ivory Tower Defenders

defendersIt’s hard work and often depressing here at the Ivory Tower home office as we wade through piles of documentation about all the atrocities and related perversions committed in the name of higher education. On a lighter note, however, comes this new game for both Android and iPhone operating systems: Ivory Tower Defenders.

Here’s more info from the developers at Slow Life Games:

TAs, Professors, and Deans, oh my! All the epic drama of college in one strategy game!

The Ivory Tower is being overrun by hordes of students. It’s up to you to defend the University by placing Ivory Tower Defenders in key locations on campus – the Lecture Hall, the Library, the Seminar Room, and at the Graduation Ceremony.

Each beautifully rendered location requires a different strategy as your Defenders launch blue books, dissertations, and academic suspensions at wave after wave of incorrigible students.

You have 5 unique Defenders to work with – the TA, ABD, Assistant Professor, Professor, and Dean. There are 5 types of students to defeat – the Slacker, Hacker, Artist, Athlete, and Straight A.

Ivory Tower Defenders is the perfect game for anyone who’s been to college, is thinking about going to college, or has otherwise realized that universities are strange, mythical places ripe for adventure!

It certainly sounds like more fun that should be allowed with just a 99 cent purchase. Want to know more? Check out this trailer:




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